Mr. Lee with 5th graders

Abraham Lincoln Elementary School is a Grades K-5 school with a history of excellence and a focus on developing the academic, social, and emotional competencies of our students.  Students are at the center of active learning experiences across content areas, supported by a rich and diverse curriculum.  A true commitment to building a supportive and respectful school setting is held by all stakeholders, including staff, students, and families.  Students and staff begin each day with a Responsive Classroom morning meeting, and form bonds through school traditions and a shared pride in Lincoln School.  Learning is enhanced through extensive educational technology and an environment in which students use creativity and problem-solving to develop and strengthen essential skills.  Our school is one in which students and staff strive to do their personal best each and every day, and work collaboratively to set and achieve goals.  I am proud to serve as Principal of Abraham Lincoln School, the home of the Lions!


Patrick Lee