About Us

About Us

About Lincoln School
"At Abraham Lincoln School everyone takes 'PRIDE' in doing their best!"

School Hours 8:50 a.m. - 3:20 p.m.
Minimum Day 8:50 a.m. - 1:05 p.m.
Mascot Lion
School Colors Blue and Gray

LINCOLN is a kindergarten through grade five school with a tradition of cohesive relationships where collaboration and cooperation are modeled and valued. Working cooperatively toward common goals forges a strong bond among the children, staff, and community. Adults model commitment and build collaborative relationships in order to strengthen student engagement and to create a sense of ownership for all participants. The school motto is "PRIDE", and the mascot is a lion. All students know a group of lions is a pride; therefore, this theme is an integral part of all activities. Each Friday is "PRIDE Friday", and students celebrate their accomplishments. Students, staff, and parents are acknowledged for their contributions. Everyone is expected to strive for their "personal best" academically and affectively. The staff are a talented group of professionals who create a special environment for our students.

Each February Abraham Lincoln's birthday is a major celebration. Students present a theatrical production, and parents present the school with a birthday gift for "ABE". In addition, all school participants share responsibility for the "ABE PROJECT". ABE stands for "A Better Environment" which includes enhanced relationships and an improved physical environment. Some examples of parental involvement include: Great Books program volunteers; Masterpiece art appreciation offerings for all classes; Media Center volunteers; Gardening Club to beautify school grounds; Computer Room support programs; annual special days including a Science Technology Day, International Day, Arts Day or annual "Dads' Night"; and a hot lunch program. These activities increase the amount of organizational participation and responsibility.

A developmental guidance program is available throughout the year with the building based guidance counselor. Offerings include regular Pupil Assistance Committee meetings, Conflict Resolution lessons, Social Problem Solving Skills lessons, and other opportunities for students to participate in a program that adjusts to the varying needs of students and developmental concerns. Physical education classes and the Intramural Program promote sportsmanship, sharing, and fair play, as well as the encouragement of a healthy life style. Art classes promote creativity and imagination along with mechanical skills. Teachers are energized through greater substantive participation. Each teacher works with a partner teacher every year which creates a spirit of working toward common goals. Cooperative activities include dramatic productions, curriculum integration projects, and literature partnership. Technology is stressed throughout the school and infused within all subject areas. The integration of subject matter and technology has provided teachers with instructional materials which stimulate student interest, assist them in understanding the various relationships that exist in learning, and challenge their intellect. Students are encouraged to acquire the habits of inquiry necessary to prepare effectively for the technological and information age of the twenty-first century.

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